Gary Vaynerchuk On What It Takes To Succeed Online

Domain expertise.
Patience to learn and relearn what works online.


Yes, Brands Are Listening.

wealthymattersHere’s what I wrote on 3Nov,2015 :

The Long And Short Of Blogging?


Great to connect with Christoph Trappe, IMA Marketer of the Year – 2015,and hear my thoughts and pitches to clients repeated almost verbatim.

Pity that with most of my clients my work still gets stuck in “Approval Hell” and the end result passed by committee, lacks the fire of the original.

Old ways of marketing still work just about enough for people to continue doing more of the same and whole job descriptions and organizations remain relevant only if things continue the way they always have. So understandably the resistance is fantastic.

Here’s hoping that I too can team up with people, open enough to do things in a new way, to deliver the sort of results Christoph is able to deliver with his authentic-story telling.

But today on 18November,I can say YES brands are listening! At least some companies with receptive top managements are willing to have their marketing staff and SEO teams sit down with the likes of me and they do value our ideas on brand building via content marketing etc.


Jeff Bezos On Building A Brand


7 Paths Of Highly Successful Luxury Brands


The luxury space is limited and brands looking to occupy this space need to find appropriate routes to communicate luxury and move up the value perception.

From the analysis of luxury brands across 24 countries, the Rediffusion-Y&R Brand Asset Valuator® (BAV),  identifies seven distinct paths to communicate luxury.

The first route is based on the cues of originality, quality, distinctiveness, and charm. We call this route as Fabled Reputation. Brands like Ferrari and Rolex are typical of this route; they define the category based on their reputation. Ferrari stands apart as distinctive and original in the sports cars category basis its reputation built over decades.

The second route is to communicate Exquisite Functionality. Brands like BMW and Armani are archetypal of this form of communication. They enjoy the perception of performance, leadership, and intelligence, as you would experience while driving a BMW with all its exquisite details taken care with perfection. These brands are also seen as highly trusted and reliable.  Read more of this post

Lifebuoy Campaign At The Kumbha Mela

wealthymattersAt the Kumbh Mela, the largest congregation on earth, a lot of businesses are vying to sell their wares and boost their brands.The Maha Kumbh provides a unique opportunity to communicate  messages to a large, predominantly small-town and rural population.An interesting  promotion that stands out at this year’s Mela is Hindustan Unilever’s ‘Roti Reminder’ for its Lifebuoy soap brand.The campaign started on February 1.

For this promotion,HUL, the country’s largest consumer products firm, along with creative agency Ogilvy, has partnered more than 100 dhabas and hotels at the Mela site to serve rotis that are stamped with “Lifebuoy se haath dhoye kya?” (Have you washed your hand with Lifebuoy?). The company has made special heat stamps to make an impression of its message on rotis and hired 100 promoters to stand in 100 kitchens across the Mela. Read more of this post

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