Waiting For The 22nd

wealthymattersEver since I purchased my first debt based ULIP from Bajaj Allianz in 2011, saw 8-9% returns in the following years, even as I continued to enjoy the guarantee of a 7.2% compound interest on my money, in addition to a life cover, I’ve considered ULIPs from Bajaj Allianz as interesting additions to my insurance and debt portfolios.

I like the flexibility and diversity they add to my insurance portfolio, so that I can continue to reorder my assets to the changing circumstances of my life as also adapt better to the changes in the world around me and so cover myself against the risks I perceive to my financial vision for myself , family and the legacy I’d like to leave behind. Read more of this post


Question For The Day


Reasons to Choose digibank over Kotak 811

Even as a whole lot of frontline banks in India increase minimum balance requirements, slash interest rates on deposits, charge cash deposits and withdrawals, impose overt and covert conditions on withdrawals, increase banking fees and charges and generally upset retail customers with a savings mind-set, a number of products addressing the needs of these unhappy bank depositors have gained prominence. One good one is digibank by DBS.
Opening an account with digibank is a snap. And takes just 90 seconds. Just download the digibank App either from the App Store or Play Store and get started. When compared to competitor Kotak 811 that takes close to 5 min, you can see that digibank is already ahead.
Here is the whole process explained in pictures:

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Eat Your Way To Lower Taxes

wealthymattersEat , we all must. And done well, it  can be a small pleasure we indulge in 5-6 times a day, everyday  of our lives. And if we can reduce our tax-outgo , even as we indulge ourselves, we have more reason to be happy.

For the self-employed, there is the famous option of accounting for meals as business expenses and saving tax-outgo. And for the employed, there is the option of meal vouchers to save tax. Read more of this post

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