Ferruccio’s Revenge


Ferruccio started as a farmer and then went on to makentractors.

Eventually his business became so successful that he was among the most wealthy in Italy.

He owned a Ferrari which gave him some trouble at some point of time. Being a mechanic he tried to fix the problem and found out that his Ferrari had the same clutch used in one of his tractors. Obviously a bit furious he went to Modena to complain about the low quality part used in a Ferrari.

Enzo Ferrari being quite an arrogant man, said Ferruccio was a “farmer” and the problem was with him, not the car.

Ferruccio was insulted and vowed to make a car capable of beating a Ferrari.

His efforts resulted in the creation and development of one of the most powerful and well renowned brand of cars  in the world today,fully capable of trouncing Ferraris any day.

So what’s Ferruccio’s full name? You guessed right.Its Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Revenge is a great motivator.Harness its power and use it wisely.

7 Paths Of Highly Successful Luxury Brands


The luxury space is limited and brands looking to occupy this space need to find appropriate routes to communicate luxury and move up the value perception.

From the analysis of luxury brands across 24 countries, the Rediffusion-Y&R Brand Asset Valuator® (BAV),  identifies seven distinct paths to communicate luxury.

The first route is based on the cues of originality, quality, distinctiveness, and charm. We call this route as Fabled Reputation. Brands like Ferrari and Rolex are typical of this route; they define the category based on their reputation. Ferrari stands apart as distinctive and original in the sports cars category basis its reputation built over decades.

The second route is to communicate Exquisite Functionality. Brands like BMW and Armani are archetypal of this form of communication. They enjoy the perception of performance, leadership, and intelligence, as you would experience while driving a BMW with all its exquisite details taken care with perfection. These brands are also seen as highly trusted and reliable.  Read more of this post

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