Software To Tell The Tale Of Your Accident

wealthymattersWe are prone to several accidents in our day-to-day lives. It is entirely beyond our control at times, and we are caught unaware under such situations. Since everything stands automated today, why not also have software to help in critical conditions of accidents. It will be beneficial to all.

The Blessing of Technology

In India, people are exposed to accidents more due to unsafe conditions on the road. Every other person has access to a smartphone, but we do not have an able software in our device to help us in emergency situations such as accidents. Read more of this post

George Soros On Brexit

welthymattersBrexit and the Future of Europe


“Britain, I believe, had the best of all possible deals with the European Union, being a member of the common market without belonging to the euro and having secured a number of other opt-outs from EU rules. And yet that was not enough to stop the United Kingdom’s electorate from voting to leave. Why?

The answer could be seen in opinion polls in the months leading up to the “Brexit” referendum. The European migration crisis and the Brexit debate fed on each other. The “Leave” campaign exploited the deteriorating refugee situation – symbolized by frightening images of thousands of asylum-seekers concentrating in Calais, desperate to enter Britain by any means necessary – to stoke fear of “uncontrolled” immigration from other EU member states. And the European authorities delayed important decisions on refugee policy in order to avoid a negative effect on the British referendum vote, thereby perpetuating scenes of chaos like the one in Calais. Read more of this post

A Hypothesis On The Persistence Of Crony Capitalism

wealthymatters“One widely held hypothesis is that our country suffers from want of a “few good men” in politics. This view is unfair to the many upstanding people in politics. But even assuming it is true, every so often we see the emergence of a group, usually upper middle class professionals, who want to clean up politics. But when these “good” people stand for election, they tend to lose their deposits. Does the electorate really not want squeaky clean government?

Apart from the conceit that high morals lie only with the upper middle class, the error in this hypothesis may be in believing that problems stem from individual ethics rather than the system we have. In a speech I made before the Bombay Chamber of Commerce in 2008, I argued that the tolerance for the venal politician is because he is the crutch that helps the poor and underprivileged navigate a system that gives them so little access.This may be why he survives. Read more of this post

Ideal Yatras For Life

wealthymattersI love having oodles of personal time to myself. Time when there is no time-table or agenda in sight, time I don’t have to soon  be somewhere else or prepare for something, time in which I just am, time when I can quietly think my thoughts, time when I can actually discover and savour the world round me in its infinite variety, time to potter round and indulge in a hobby. I find that living so, creates the greatest sense of personal well-being in my life. It also makes me super creative and soon thereafter brings about the most breakthrough changes in my life. Read more of this post


The first below video shows the ICIJ’s approach.

Have a different set of priorities, and its likely that more interesting stories will come out.

Pity that this information is not really “public” in the sense that Wikipedia is public ! Let’s hope some hackers help us make things even more “open”.

This video below shows the limitations of the Indian Express effort.50/500=10% and so far our press has not outed more than a dozen names . I’m thinking some Anonymous activity will serve the public interest very well.

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