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 Hello! Welcome to my blog “Wealthymatters”.

Wealth fascinates me.Wealth-building takes up all my waking hours.Perhaps my sleep time too! I am working towards building my first 100 crores. Why 100, you ask? Well, because I once heard that the first 100 crores and having a 100 people you can call upon to do what you need done, is the beginning of all things greater. Perhaps a smaller figure and way more automation may also achieve the same magic,……..Who knows?……I’m testing that still. Anyways, the journey so far has profoundly changed me, taken me to places I never imagined I’d go to and into the presence of people I would not have otherwise have thought of connecting with. And what a journey its been so far!

If you are a new to the blog,do read this post to get an idea of my take on wealth:Link.That way you will know where I am coming from while you read the current posts.Posts are arranged category wise and date wise and there is a search box to quickly lead you to older posts of interest to you. In Library I file away general sort of evergreen information and ideas I believe are important to build and preserve wealth .wealthymatters has deeply personal origins.3 of my 4 grandparents grew up as orphans, raised by relatives and all 4 of my grandparents have stories of loss of ancestral businesses on account of being managed by inexpert children without the requisite wisdom, who had no benefit learning how the family business was run from the preceding generation. All my life I’ve watched my parent’s generation rebuild the family assets from scratch and in the last 20years,my generation has started joining them. The march is long and hard. It’s much better to simply appreciate one’s good fortune and not act in ways that destroy what others have lovingly built for us. wealthymatters  began as a personal diary I wrote to speak to my heirs, should I not be round long enough to counsel them. Library has the posts I’d rather they did not miss reading. I believe that real wealth is not a zero-sum game. Hence wealthymatters is public. Toolkit has a collection of tools of use in wealth building.Paper Assets,Precious Metals,Philanthropy,Entrepreneurship and Tidbits are self explanatory categories. Alternative Assets is a sort of residual category and contains posts on Passion Assets,Real Estate,Gems,Commodities etc.

Being wealthy allows a person to have the means to afford a lifestyle of  their personal choice without having to actively work at a job to get the cash to do so.There is no question of saying no to things you’d love to do simply because there is no money,time or energy.Not being forced to work at a job to make ends meet,means having the freedom to not have to be at someone else’s beck and call, to not have to work on someone else’s schedule and to not have to subsume one’s priorities to someone else’s priorities. Basically you get to live the life you choose rather than the life someone else chooses for you.

Given my fascination with wealth , I spend a lot of time reading up , thinking about and working at wealth building.In the course of these activities I come across a lot of fascinating tidbits , insights and nifty tools I record in “Wealthymatters”. I hope my scrap booking helps you on your way to becoming wealthy.If you find a post useful please leave me a comment,I would love know I’ve been of help to someone somewhere.Also feel free to ask questions and suggest topics for posting . I will do the best I can to blog on the topics of interest to my readers.


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  1. Ashish kumar says:

    A partition deed has been executed last year by my father and his brothers and their children in the bigger HUF. Properties inherited by them from my grand father,Selfacquired properties bought in their joint and individual names,property in our name was all pooled together and partitioned into four parts with our part having my father and his three sons as parties.The question is wether the properties go to my fathers HUF singly or to all our four HUF or to all four of us individually.After a few months unfortunately my father passed away intestate. What will be the best mode of holding the property i.e HUF ownership or Individual ownership and how to go about it. I shall be thankfull to you for all the help extended.

  2. Apoorva Lad says:

    Hope you are doing fine.
    We are planning to conduct a blogger engagement activity which would also include a product review.
    May I please request your contact details to understand your commercials attached to it.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi,
    Your blog finds a place in the 7th edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, issued on 1st June. Congratulations!

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