The 2 Great Inspirations Of My Life


Lijjat and Freelance Programmers, the 2 great inspirations of my life.

Both were started with next to nothing by way of initial investment.

Both organizations show how much nonsense all talk of necessary overheads is. Love their flexible thinking.

Love the many little revolutions they brought about as women found ways to make their own money.

Love the way they could compete and win against the world’s best with no hand outs from governments or charities.

Love their quality control processes.

How To Choose A TV ?

A TV is an expense and is only as good as the use value and enjoyment you can extract from it.

And the only way TV companies can make money is by getting you to keep “upgrading”, often before your old machine has gone kaput. And they often do this by telling you that your machine is obsolete and lacks abc, mno, xyz new features.

The graph below is to help you decide whether an upgrade is really going to increase your viewing experience. An alternative to upgrading your TV is to just reposition your furniture. In any case, wall space and real-estate rates are going to act as greater determinants of what TV you can really have in your home.



Double Check Hallmarked Jewellery

wealthymattersOnly 30 percent of Indian gold jewellery is currently hallmarked and there are widespread differences in purity and an average under-caratage of anywhere from 10-15 percent.Some 80 percent of high value items are hallmarked, but for medium and low valued category only 10 percent is hallmarked.

But the real sting is in what the WGC has to say : “Till date even hallmarked jewelleries are not that credible in India. It is not fool proof as the original BIS policy has intended it to be. To make hallmarking more credible there should be independent checks by BIS of the hallmarking centres. The enforcement should be much more rigorous.”

So, do make the effort to double-check the purity of your purchases, just to be sure that you are getting what you paid for.

Top Real-Estate Tycoons

wealthymattersHere is the list of the 10 wealthiest real estate tycoons in the world:

1. Jianlin Wang

Age: 61

Net Worth**: US$33.7 billion

Country of Citizenship: China

Primary Company: Dalian Wanda Group

Wealth Source: Self-Made Read more of this post

Control Via Trusts

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