wealthymatters is a leading personal finance blog and social media influencer in the bfsi space (Link)

wealthymatters counts some 150+ brands world-wide, ranging form fortune 100 companies, to startups including some unicorns and boutique brands as well-satisfied, repeat clients and has partnered with 400+ digital marketing, reputation management, SEO and PR agencies ranging form world’s biggest  to boutique firms as well as the in-house global innovation centres of Fortune 100 companies to deliver these results. Additionally, for a few select clients, wealthymatters is happy to consult for and/or lead social-media campaigns.

wealthymatters provides live social-media coverage of events and is happy to do corporate and event PR for businesses and non-profits. Out of Mumbai events will be considered, if clients are willing to make acceptable travel arrangements.

wealthymatters is open to blog and post sponsorship deals and reviews that meet ethical and editorial standards.

wealthymatters is happy to participate in search marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns.

wealthymatters is open to reviewing start-ups and their products/services and help to get the word out about them. wealthymatters is happy to help  start-ups get initial user inputs to improve their offerings. Additionally, wealthymatters counts many investors: angels, VCs , PEs and business accelerators and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs from round the world amongst its subscribers, so start-ups can easily check investor interest in their offerings and connect with potential partners in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

wealthymatters is happy to enter into paid syndication, content creation and content distribution deals with reputed media companies.

wealthymatters offers brands and media buyers adblocks and header space of different sizes and pinned-posts including video, on the blog and on various related social media properties.

wealthymatters offers organic digital marketing plans of various types on all major social media platforms.

wealthymatters  understands that businesses are at different levels of techno-savviness when it comes to digital marketing. All have concerns about control over their brand story. Many worry that their inexperience will lead them to being overcharged. Some prefer to be hand-held by existing service providers, even as they venture into the digital world. Others would prefer  to trust in specialist partners and some others want scale and prefer to deal via aggregators.wealthymatters has some standard packages that are commonly requested by a lot of agencies. However, social-media is such that the best results are obtained by customization and through purpose-built digital assets. So the best way really to go about things is to define budget and business goals and then discusses the  ways forward to achieve results along with the numerous pros and cons before committing to a course of action.

wealthymatters does not discriminate between clients and at any given time charges truly standard rates. So it really works best if clients call directly on 9920527208 or e-mail ads@wealthymatters with queries. It’s really hard to quote when a bunch of brokers and middle-men call-up, talk of keeping client’s names confidential, can’t or won’t disclose the exact nature of what they want done , talk of cheapest, cheapest, cheapest and insist on rate commitments ….. At wealthymatters the first decision is whether to work with a brand at all. The second is to decide whether to participate in any given campaign. The third is to check that doing what is asked is in consonance with wealthymatters’ editorial guidelines and ethical values. And only then quote rates. wealthymatter’s doesn’t appreciate being engaged under false promises and then pressed to deliver more or different work than was originally agreed upon or worse overlook editorial nays and ethics.

wealthymatters is happy to work on government projects too. So please feel free to call on 9920527208 or e-mail However, please note the same editorial and ethical guidelines are considered before deciding to accept projects. wealthymatters dislikes being approached by people calling themselves “independent -marketers with limited budgets” with appeals to  patriotic duty to carry this or that message for some or other government scheme or government department.

wealthymatters believes in working in a way that delivers great results today and unbeatable competitive  advantages tomorrow. wealthymatters is a serious practitioner of the 80/20 principle and believes in passive businesses being way better than those that require engagement in endless busy-work. wealthymatters is for building businesses with deep moats and is a firm believer in spending the requisite money and/or dedicating resources to build/acquire  quality assets that improve the capacity of businesses to earn solid revenues and none at all otherwise.So if you believe wealthymatters and your organization share values and can potentially work well together, please call on 9920527208 or write to and let’s explore how we can work well together.

4 Responses to Advertise

  1. Nikita says:


    Congratulations on the great work on wealthymatters.
    I am sure that you are well aware that MS Excel is a key job-skill today. However, most students and working professionals have no idea where to start. To enable all this we have launched the World Excel Championships with US$ 500 in prize money.

    I feel your readers will benefit from honing and exhibiting their Excel skills. We would be thrilled to partner with you for World Excel Championships. We will highlight you as a partner with your logo and a link to your site. As a partner, you would similarly promote the World Excel Championships on your website.

    If you are interested, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Nikita Gupta

    • Keerthika Singaravel says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Nikita.
      As I’ve already said, I’m happy for wealthymatters to be associated with championships that promote what I value.

  2. Daniel Zold says:


    I wanted to introduce myself to you. First off, I am very impressed with how you have been managing your website. The reason I’m reaching out to you is to find out if you would like to become a blogger in LinkVehicle’s private marketplace and make money writing blog posts for our clients. We have over 3,000 clients and out of those 3,000 many are agencies who have multiple clients.After taking a look at your past posts and looking at the amount of followers you have, I know our advertisers would love to have you write about them. FYI, will be implementing performance marketing/display advertising into our website in the near future. I’m very confident you will add much more to your monthly revenue by working with LinkVehicle! I hope you’ll test us out by signing up as a publisher. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Daniel Zold
    Publisher Relations Manager

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