Financial Advice


I promise to never descend to this level.

Reach out to me, and I will try to help. But please respect my time as well. Do read what I’ve written before firing questions at me. I’d rather be working on my own business rather than writing essay style answers, repeating what I’ve already blogged about at length. Also restrict yourself to comments on the blog or social media or perhaps a few tweets if the matter is urgent. Don’t message or DM me, I haven’t the capacity to keep up with them and so simply delete them unread.

Not for nothing does the word Personal precede Finance. There is no way to escape personal values when it comes to this topic. In wealthymatters I focus on financial wisdom. I write on the basis of my personal experience with money and you will find many things contrary to what the financial advisory business swears is the best way to deal with one’s finances.

A few readers have suggested that I conduct personal finance workshops, others have asked me to write books and still other’s have asked me to start a mutual fund. Unfortunately, I can’t at the present point in time dedicate time and personal resources to the first and second. As for the third, family offices rather than mutual funds are more my thing, but I must admit I find offering a good alternative to mutual funds to retail investors a worthwhile goal.


3 Responses to Financial Advice

  1. sharma abhishek says:

    how many people has get life insurance in the world?

    • Abhishek, not sure I get your question. Do you wish to know the extent of insured population in the world or what sort of person needs to get insured?

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