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Invest In What Really Matters

The video below compelled me to do this post, even as I am caught up in the super-duper rush of getting a couple of new businesses launched and pursuing a few more leads that look like good career-breaks. The video really gets us to focus on the things that really matter, in all the rush to make money and a name for oneself :love, family and relationships.

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Mantra To Marry A Rich Man

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Chinese Real Estate “Investments”

Interestingly these properties were  paid for by end-buyers with savings and there are no mortgages on them.

And there are stories of the Chinese cashing in these properties and buying others in the US.

Stuck by the similarities with the Japanese idea of saving in houses to fund retirements. Unfortunately things did not pan out as projected. With a glut in houses, prices didn’t go up as projected and an ageing and dwindling population further reduced demand for houses.

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