Cultivating Strategic Relationships


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A Measure Of The Influence Of wealthymatters Online

A picture is worth a thousand words…….

Here’s one that shows just how influential wealthymatters is online, on financial matters .

Deepika Padukone fronts the ExperienceAxis Campaign. She is a heavy-weight when it comes to brand endorsements : Link & Link  and influencer marketing : Link

And this picture shows how well wealthymatters ranks against the full might the Deepika Brand and her fan clubs.

The Goal


Populist Nationalism And Crony-Capitalism

wealthymattersI love elite theories. Ultimately we all have to deal with the power structures in society, even as we try to make a living.

Raghuram Rajan is always fun to follow and leaves you with penetrating insights. Let him help you understand the world, then decide what you wish to do with your understanding.

The following is reconstructed from a speech he gave at the Stigler Centre. Unfortunately I can’t find the full text anywhere online.

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Two Daily Must Haves


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