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envyModi Harnessing Sentiment of Masses Against the Rich

“In the raging debate over government’s decision to withdraw notes of Rs500 and Rs1,000 from circulation, emphasis has been on listing pros and cons of move and whether temporary inconvenience caused to people will be neutralised by long-term gains. Consequently , the audacious crack that PM Narendra Modi has taken to recast the BJP’s core constituency coupled with his decisive step towards leaving an indelible stamp on the nation’s history , has not been dwelled on. As of now, there is no certainty that Modi’s gambit will be successful. There however is no doubt that politically, this step is possibly the biggest game-changer so far in the Modi regime, though it cannot be said whether the game will alter in favour of prime minister or against him. Read more of this post

Banks As Laundromats

An interesting post doing the rounds on social media.

Amazing how this person still expects change.

“Hi, I am working in a leading national bank and I am writing this with great disappointment. Corrupt bank official are changing black money into white.

Modus Operandi:- Government allow to change 4000/- rs per person per day.

1. Big corporate houses, factories are using i.d. of their employees (photocopy can be easily obtained by H.R files of employees) ,giving these I.Ds in bulk to branch managers and corrupt branch managers are changing 4000/- RS per ID of black money into white each day. For example ID of 500 persons can convert 20,00,000 rs per day per branch into new currency. Multiply it to number of branches doing this and you will be surprised how much black money can be converted to new currency in a single day.

2. Agents contacting telecom houses, mobile shops for getting photocopy of IDs in bulk and using them to convert black money into white with the help of banks.

3. Branch managers are taking photocopy of IDs from saving account of peoples and using thousands of these IDs to covert 4000/- rs per ID into new currency.

This is going on very large scale. Crores of black money is converting into white every hour. Instead of giving new currency to public, banks are giving it to black money hoarders. Because of this, even after issuing thousands of crores of 2000 notes by RBI, public still waiting to get new currency.

Kindly share it to as many peoples and platforms as you can so that this malpractice comes into government knowledge and this can be stop immediately and this great step of currency change don’t go into vain. share it to PMO and other official government pages.”

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