Positive Developments in Absentia

As Covid ,lockdowns and disruptions, took its toll on friends, acquaintances and neighbors, lives were lost, forever changed, businesses folded and careers affected, it seemed so insensitive and inappropriate to continue blogging about, all things, wealth…..

And the first wave, was followed by a second and then a third, and its apparently too soon to believe it the last….and I was missing blogging. Badly.

But the blogosphere kept me cheered-up by periodically sending me positive feedback.

It was great receiving communication like the one above from readers. More so, when they chose not to remain anonymous or just their online avatar, despite their identity.

Secondly, I received not one, but 2 separate offers to purchase wealthymatters. Fairly serious money, with even the option to continue as an employee . Not that I was ever planning to sell, or was keen to be employed in what I myself built from scratch, But, I got to know on what basis they did their valuations and it was instructive. And its always nice to know that others also value what’s yours, and that you actually do have an exit option, should you ever want it.

And lastly, the previous year came to a close with the news that I’d made it to yet another list of Top Financial Bloggers. And, most importantly, the feat was achieved relying solely on pillar articles and the evergreen nature of content I like to create.

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