Dithering Over Diamonds

Honestly, I love diamonds. And love coloured diamonds more.

And I have had a bit of good luck with them. In 2008,in the midst of the financial crisis, I bought a few yellows from a person with a cutting and polishing factory, who had little use for them in a market with a decided preference for the white variety. Last week I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much yellows had since then become quite the fashion ! And better yet, have the appraiser inform me that one of them was not yellow but green actually!Way rarer and pricier !

So beginners luck should be encouraging me to gamble once again…..But I find myself conflicted. Seriously conflicted. Read more of this post

Thumb Rules For Engagement Rings

wealthymattersSo ideally how much should an engagement ring cost?

Here are some commonly recommended thumb rules:

1.Three months of the groom’s income.

2.The price of a diamond the size of the bride’s age,divided by 10.So a 3 three carat diamond ring for a 30 year old bride.

3.The price of the best car the groom drives.

4.A price that seems like the right one to the groom as a testament of his love for his bride.

5.A price that indicates the social status and economic success of the groom.

6.What the bride wants and makes her feel special.

7.A price that the groom believes signifies the value of his bride.


Of Rocks

wealthymatters” if you want to measure a man’s worth, check out the rock on his woman’s finger ” – Stephen A Schwarzman


The Most Expensive Diamonds In The World


The Cullinan | 3,107 carat (621.35gm), $400 million  Read more of this post

Nirav Modi’s Jewellery Advice


Nirav Modi’s Golconda necklace and coloured diamond ear pendants that was auctioned by Christie’s for 16 Crores

1)Where you get your diamonds certified is a big a deal as most labs have varying standards. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), with its stringent standards is recommended by NiravModi.

2) Diamonds are an excellent way to store wealth. They don’t leave a messy paper trail, and government permissions aren’t so stringent. Also, according to Nirav, diamonds that weigh 3-carats and more appreciate very well. Prices will double every 10 years.This has been noticed over an 80-90 year period.

3) Given the current dismal economic climate, investing in diamonds, especially coloured diamonds like pink diamonds, might be a good idea. These precious stones have been consistently out-performing gold, silver and shares in the recent past.

4) The blue Tanzanite stone, found only in Tanzania, is a great alternative to the ‘cursed’ sapphire.

5) Basra pearls are no longer available because of the situation in Iraq. So any Basra pearl necklace should immediately becomes a rare heirloom and treated with care.

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