The Goal



Populist Nationalism And Crony-Capitalism

wealthymattersI love elite theories. Ultimately we all have to deal with the power structures in society, even as we try to make a living.

Raghuram Rajan is always fun to follow and leaves you with penetrating insights. Let him help you understand the world, then decide what you wish to do with your understanding.

The following is reconstructed from a speech he gave at the Stigler Centre. Unfortunately I can’t find the full text anywhere online.

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The #EssarOilDeal Presser

So what does yours truly do when she gets one of these on a Sunday evening ?



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Fintech For Stocks #AchievedByARQ

wealthymattersAn app aficionado ?

Keen to put your money into stocks and mutual funds to take advantage of the current buoyancy in the stock markets?

Want “personalized” stock and mutual fund  advice at no cost ?

Determined to maximize your returns ?

Angel Broking , one of India’s top broking firms has just the product for you: ARQ billed as a Revolutionary Hyper-Intelligent Investment tool. A first of its kind !

ARQ is an automated investment engine that its creators believe takes human shortcomings out of investing and lets customers realize the maximum potential of equities as an asset class. ARQ offers both lump sum and SIP recommendations for Mutual Funds and Equity Stocks. It is accessible to all Angel Broking Customers via Angel Eye or the Angel Broking App. Read more of this post

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