Pawn Shops For The Rich

wealthymattersThe Suttons & Robertsons showrooms look like those of any high-end retailer or auction house: necklaces glittering with diamonds and emeralds fill the display cases, and sterling silver knives, forks and spoons sit on  wooden tables fit for a monarch. In the private room in back are bigger, shinier versions of the jewels out front. High on a wall is a coat of arms bearing the likenesses of two lions, with the date of the company’s founding underneath: 1770. Only on closer inspection does it become clear that between the lions are three balls dangling from a hook: the international symbol for a pawnbroker.

This English company focuses on the blue-chip, wealthy crowd. With almost 250 years of experience in the exclusive world of high-end pawn, Suttons & Robertsons has now gone to the US to fill what it believes is a growing need among wealthy Americans who have spent beyond their means and need a quick — and quiet — infusion of cash in exchange for a few baubles they are willing, at least temporarily, to live without.They have the capital to lend up to and beyond $1 million.  Read more of this post

Investing in Gold Sovereigns

wealthymatters.comThe  British sovereigns are gold coins with a nominal face value of one pound sterling or twenty shillings.They were first issued in 1489 and still continue to be issued till date. All post-1837 sovereigns are still legal tender in the UK.

The name “sovereign” comes from the large size and portraiture of the coin, the earliest of which showed the king facing, seated on a throne, while the reverse shows the Royal coat of arms on a shield surrounded by a Tudor double rose.

At the height of the British Empire, gold sovereigns were well regarded and accepted as money throughout most of the world and used to settle dues between countries.The gold-standard may be no more, but the good reputation of the gold sovereigns for purity persists to this day and they are  the most widely traded semi-numismatic gold coins in the world.In many parts of the former British Empire sovereigns are included in prized jewellery. There is a ready market for these gold coins worldwide,especially in the commonwealth, so they are pretty liquid investments. Read more of this post

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