Happy New Year -2022

Fireworks always have the effect of making me happy. Love them. Hoping its the same for you too.

This year as we brought in another New Year, with Covid Curfews & restrictions, I was so glad for the internet & all the people from round the world, who coordinated to livestream firework events from their home-towns.

And then there were the countries who telecast their New Year Concerts.

With a spot of celebratory cooking at home and again the internet to connect with family and friends, I managed most of what I’d do in a normal year. So what, if travel was not in the cards ? People and places came to us!

Let’s hope that Covid ceases to trouble us this year or at the very least, metaverse develops fast enough for us to make virtual celebrations even more lifelike. Vietnam 360 has done such a great job of advertising, I just want to pop over and take a look for myself. Ditto Australia 8D.Reminded me once again what grand natural beauty that continent houses. Alternatively, a virtual party set in those locales, with ofcourse fireworks, and some great music ,would serve for next year.

So many good things happen when people join hands and make them happen. Let’s hope we can co-operate to put Covid behind us. Meanwhile, let’s make life for each other better, digitally.

Happy New Year, All !

Mask-up, Sanitize, Avoid Crowds and Unnecessary In-person Meetings, Commutes and All Optional Travel. Be Safe, Keep others Safe.

10,000 Pageviews


Today  marks a mini milestone celebration for my baby blog ‘Wealthymatters.com’.The infant has grown up a bit and now at 7 months of age has managed to clock 10,000 page views. My most sincere thanks to all of you who regularly visit my blog and also the casual reader. I love sharing  my finds with all of you and greatly welcome and enjoy your comments as well. I will continue to post stuff I find interesting and that I hope you will find interesting too. Please leave me comments which will tell me how well I’m doing.Also please feel free to suggest topics you would like me to blog on.I rely on all of my readers for support and I thank you very much for checking my blog out.I doubt I would have persisted so long if not for your visits and kind words.Please pass on my blog’s name to other people that you know may find discussing money matters interesting.

Thank God It’s Not Cancer

wealthymatters.comI’m just back from visiting the doctor.The histopath report says no signs of cancer.Apparently I had 4 tumours of 3 different types.Pretty much a lot of junk to be carrying around but now that they are out I just need to take  harmonal shots for a few months and swallow some pills to control the regrowth and spread of these tumours.

I suppose living with a disease which could always resurface is a nuisance and the spectre of another such operation is really not so nice,but I beats testing positive for cancer.

I was pretty worried given my family history.This is one negative report that makes me oh so totally happy!I’m literally floating on air!I feel like a party though too much exercising is out.

Life’s Good!

Woo Hoo ! 103 Page-Views Yesterday !


At long last my blog registered 103 visitors yesterday.I’m so happy I’m floating on air!

Celebrating Putting Up 100 Posts

wealthymatters.comThank You Readers !!

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