How To Switch Your Car Insurance Policy

When your car insurance policy is slated for renewal, the norm of thought and practice is to quickly pay the premium and stay with the same insurance provider you’ve been with for years. But ,I think, just like upgrading your car, you should switch your car insurer every few years and ensure yourself the best deal possible.

Here are simple steps to make a successful switch:

Carefully Compare Policies
When you decide it is time to move on from your current car insurer, first be sure to shop around and compare policies. With the arrival of ‘comparison websites’, not only can you scout for car insurance online, but you can also compare policies side by side. During your analysis, consider important factors like total coverage, deductibles, limits, benefits and other features before finalising the best fit for you. Read more of this post

Shopping With Zoutons

wealthymattersThe first rule of being a smart shopper is to buy only what you really need and not let others convince you that you need something more.This basically boils down to avoiding impulse shopping.

The second rule is to wait for sale season and/or look for discounts or bargain for one.Smart shoppers  instinctively work in the value of their time,the inconvenience of waiting for sales,the extra effort  and the costs involved in chasing down bargains, to know when to stop.

Another way to get better value you your money is to negotiate payment terms and modes of payment.Both you and the seller value money now rather than later.And the seller is bound to be interested in receiving payment in a way that involves least transaction costs. Read more of this post

Direct Marketing Via Flyers

wealthymattersFlyers or fliers, circulars, handbills or leaflets ,call them what you will,they remain relevant to businesses,even in these days of mobile and internet marketing.If you have just started offering a new service or opened a new shop and/or wish to pull in customers with a discount or promotion,there is no better way to attract customers.Sure, today online ads can be geographically targeted and local cable and FM channels can be used to address a local customer base,but neither offers the level of localization a flyer campaign does.Think! You can have your business listed on Google Maps,but unless a person is actually searching for a service,they are unlikely to find your small business via Google.On the other hand by handing out fliers around the neighbourhood and posting them in prominent places, a person can get  the attention of potential customers not currently actively searching for a service.Facebook and e-mail lists are cheap ways of getting the word out but you first need to build a subscriber base.And cable TV and FM radio require a lot more money to get started and are more suitable to bigger businesses,not tiny businesses. Read more of this post

Why Get Yourself A Few Credit Cards?

wealthymatters,comHere are the reasons to get a credit card:

1.There are some businesses which will accept payment by no other means.And asking to borrow someone else ‘s card is not always an option.

2.There are some societies where they are so ubiquitous that if you don’t have one you raise suspicion about your identity, character, creditworthiness and ability to pay for your purchases.

3.Stupid as it is,there are a lot of places where you are judged by your cards ,their exclusivity and their limits.This is a lot like being judged by your clothes,your accessories,the vehicle you drive and the accent you sport.A FU attitude is not always an option…… conversely, if you are feeling the need for a bit of power dressing,your cards will again come in handy. Read more of this post

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