Shopping With Zoutons

wealthymattersThe first rule of being a smart shopper is to buy only what you really need and not let others convince you that you need something more.This basically boils down to avoiding impulse shopping.

The second rule is to wait for sale season and/or look for discounts or bargain for one.Smart shoppers  instinctively work in the value of their time,the inconvenience of waiting for sales,the extra effort  and the costs involved in chasing down bargains, to know when to stop.

Another way to get better value you your money is to negotiate payment terms and modes of payment.Both you and the seller value money now rather than later.And the seller is bound to be interested in receiving payment in a way that involves least transaction costs. Read more of this post

Insights Into The E-bay Marketplace

wealthymattersE-bay is a simple way to get started in retailing.In case you have been thinking of getting started on selling stuff online you are going to find the following facts culled from the first Online Business Index compiled by e-bay interesting.Below you will get an idea of your competition and the scope for making money using e-bay.

There are some 30,000 small businesses selling on e-bay in India.

About 15,000 small e-bay businesses in India export by shipping goods internationally.

Some businesses have an offline presence but most are pure online businesses.For the online only businesses,e-bay is the main sales channel,followed by their own e-commerce website,social media presence ,affiliate marketing and shopping comparison sites.

The turnover of e-bay India’s top sellers ranges from $60.000-$6.4 million

About 65% of local businesses are sole proprietorships Read more of this post

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