Why Get Yourself A Few Credit Cards?

wealthymatters,comHere are the reasons to get a credit card:

1.There are some businesses which will accept payment by no other means.And asking to borrow someone else ‘s card is not always an option.

2.There are some societies where they are so ubiquitous that if you don’t have one you raise suspicion about your identity, character, creditworthiness and ability to pay for your purchases.

3.Stupid as it is,there are a lot of places where you are judged by your cards ,their exclusivity and their limits.This is a lot like being judged by your clothes,your accessories,the vehicle you drive and the accent you sport.A FU attitude is not always an option…… conversely, if you are feeling the need for a bit of power dressing,your cards will again come in handy.

4.A set of credit cards with different statement dates,say a week apart, will allow you a maximum of 45 days free credit and hence allow you to earn a bit more interest on  your money.

5.Credit cards today have decent rewards programs and you can exchange your credit card points for useful stuff including gold coins , silver jewellery and air-miles.

6.Some merchants offer further discounts and cash backs on purchases with various cards.

7.A credit card is a nice way for a person to generate a credit history.

8.With a credit card you have a measure of buyer protection not found in other way of making payments.In case of disputes with merchants, you can initiate charge back proceedings.This is very useful when you are making purchases on the internet or abroad.


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2 Responses to Why Get Yourself A Few Credit Cards?

  1. betsey says:

    A very informative post.

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