Direct Marketing Via Flyers

wealthymattersFlyers or fliers, circulars, handbills or leaflets ,call them what you will,they remain relevant to businesses,even in these days of mobile and internet marketing.If you have just started offering a new service or opened a new shop and/or wish to pull in customers with a discount or promotion,there is no better way to attract customers.Sure, today online ads can be geographically targeted and local cable and FM channels can be used to address a local customer base,but neither offers the level of localization a flyer campaign does.Think! You can have your business listed on Google Maps,but unless a person is actually searching for a service,they are unlikely to find your small business via Google.On the other hand by handing out fliers around the neighbourhood and posting them in prominent places, a person can get  the attention of potential customers not currently actively searching for a service.Facebook and e-mail lists are cheap ways of getting the word out but you first need to build a subscriber base.And cable TV and FM radio require a lot more money to get started and are more suitable to bigger businesses,not tiny businesses. Read more of this post

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