How To Switch Your Car Insurance Policy

When your car insurance policy is slated for renewal, the norm of thought and practice is to quickly pay the premium and stay with the same insurance provider you’ve been with for years. But ,I think, just like upgrading your car, you should switch your car insurer every few years and ensure yourself the best deal possible.

Here are simple steps to make a successful switch:

Carefully Compare Policies
When you decide it is time to move on from your current car insurer, first be sure to shop around and compare policies. With the arrival of ‘comparison websites’, not only can you scout for car insurance online, but you can also compare policies side by side. During your analysis, consider important factors like total coverage, deductibles, limits, benefits and other features before finalising the best fit for you. Read more of this post

Online Term Plans

Online Term PlansIf wealth building,wealth protection,estate planning,legacy planning,cash management etc. are not priorities,then an online term plan is probably the best life insurance product you can purchase.

At long last,the LIC has come up with its own online term insurance plan.The premium as you can see is on the higher side.

Obviously lower premiums are the way to go.But before you decide anyway,go over the exclusion clauses to ensure that all situations that can possibly apply to you are covered,else you will be purchasing an umbrella with holes.Also be certain that if your insurer has been around for more than 10 years,the company has a settlement ratio above 90%,else you are likely entering into a vital contract with a less than reliable partner.


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