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Univercell SYNC – Selling An Experience

Univercell Sync

India is now truly a hot and happening place when it comes to all things internet. Internet penetration is growing at 28% and mobile internet at 55% per annum. Smart phones, tabs and apps are the new buzz words.

Univercell Sync hopes to cater to everyone from tech geeks to the layman consumer in the market looking for a smartphone paired with the best in accessories, apps and technology solutions.

The smartphone market in India, currently at 18  per cent, is set to double over the next year and Univercell hopes to cash in on this growth segment by introducing new format stores called Univercell Sync which have everything from the best of phones, accessories and services and aims to give a total technology experience to people who come to the store. Read more of this post

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Grain Facts By The Earth Policy Institute

Grain Facts

Improving Customer Service Platforms

wealthymattersA company’s reputation is often established through customer service. People that spend their money on products or services expect to have the chance to leave feedback. In modern times, there are several forms of communication that are used between customers and representatives of a business. Traditional phone based customer service is still quite effective. Clients enjoy the opportunity to chat with courteous agents that may answer a variety of questions and address other concerns. It is important for the agents to develop proper phone etiquette when answering phone calls.

When a customer service agent picks up the phone, he or she must use a polite greeting. For example, adult customers should be addressed as sir or misses depending upon the gender of course. Young ladies should be addressed as miss by the customer service representative. Even when a problem is resolved by phone, the agent should keep on making sure that no other issues exist. For instance, it is common to ask if the customer has any other concerns or comments about anything else. After an issue is completely resolved, a customer service agent should use an appropriate farewell. It is also customary to repeat the company’s name before a customer hangs up. This way, patrons end the phone call with a positive image of a business that has just resolved some issues. Read more of this post

Emotional Intelligence


12 Facts About Warren Buffett And Money

wealthymatters1.) 99 per cent of Buffett’s wealth was earned after his 50th birthday.

2.) Berkshire’s Book Value has beat the S&P 500 in 43 out of 44 years on a five year rolling average basis.

3.) Buffett’s net worth of $63.3 billion is greater than the combined GDPs of Ghana and Cambodia.

4.) Buffett is “ready“ to double his investment in renewable energy ,bringing the total to an amount that could build 46 Burj Al Arabs.

5.) In 2013, Buffett made on average $37 million per day.

6.) Buffett has so far donated enough money in his life time to build 4 Apple ‘Spaceship’ Campuses.

7.) If you invested $1,000 in Berkshire Hathaway in 1970, you’d have $4.86 m today. Read more of this post


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