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wealthymatters,com“We were most creative when our back was against the wall.”-Anita Roddick

Anita started the Body Shop to make the 300 Pounds per week she needed to support herself and her two children.The early days of the business was plainly about survival.In fact her survival instinct  led to many of the innovations that would later become company trademarks.

For instance, favouring recycling came from Anita’s inability to afford more than 700 empty bottles.

When she began,Anita had only a few products.So she decided to have five sizes of everything.That way when a person entered the small 370 square foot shop, this give the illusion that the store carried over 120 products.

The green paint which is the trademark of her stores was chosen because it was the only colour that would hide the mould on all the damp patches on her shop walls.

It’s Impossible Not To Be A Millionaire

wealthymattersIn this post I will tell you the strange story of Curt Degerman.His story will show you how it is impossible not to become a millionaire.

Curt lived in the Swedish coastal town of Skellefteå.He was born in 1948.As a child he was very clever and had a bright future but dropped out of school in his late teens after a personal crisis.He never completed school, married, nor had a family of his own.He chose to live an alternative way of life and largely kept to himself.

Curt Degerman was called “Burk-Curt” (‘Tin-Can Curt’) by the residents of Skellefteå.For forty years Curt was a solitary figure seen cycling around the town in his blue anorak  and ragged trousers.He spent his days touring the recycling bins of the town on his old bicycle and rummaging through them, collecting bottles and cans .Curt transported the bottles and cans he found by stuffing them into bags tied between the handlebars of his bicycle.He sold the tins and bottles to shopkeepers and a recycling plant. Read more of this post

Please Help Me Understand Gold

I graduated in 2000.In the same year I made my first purchase of  gold.Since then I’ve been watching the price of gold.The first thing to attract my attention was the relentless upward movement in the price show in the graph below:                                                                                                                                                                    

Logic suggested that what goes up in price must come down.So I tried looking for the historic prices of gold to try to see if there was a cycle . Read more of this post

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