The $10K Per Ounce Figure

wealthymattersGold bugs tend to get long term trends right.

They however routinely make the mistake of thinking that others are as cautious, prudent and willing to err on the side of caution as they themselves.

Most of the world is not.

So their scenarios tend to pan out, but not before may others have been acclaimed right and then proven wrong by time.

Read what Jim has to say and think about it if ever you are contemplating getting rid of old gold stocks and going gold free. But don’t waited with baited breath to realize such prices either.

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The Immediate Future Of Gold

Gold Price Prediction

Headed For 35000 ?

wealthymattersGold, in India, today hit an all-time high as the rupee continued with its downward spiral against the US dollar. The yellow metal breached its previous high of Rs 32,464 made on November 26, 2012, to hit a record high of more than Rs 33,600 per 10 grams.While the gold in US dollars terms is still way down from all-time high of $ 1,920 an ounce, the Indian markets have run up on the back of rupee weakness,

Gold in the last two months has not only recovered the 20 per cent it lost in 2013 but also gained 6 per cent over it.

With the global gold prices headed into bull territory and the Indian price in unchartered territory, some more strength is expected from here on. Bullion traders expect prices to breach Rs 35,000 this week itself.


Zaveri Bazaar Gossip


If you believe that there is something to be gained to by keeping your ears open to bazaar gossip,here is the on-dit in Mumbai’s wholesale gold market:

The international slowdown in gold prices has hit India in a significant way. Investors are disappointed and look to sell at the earliest opportunity.The current scenario does not make for a buyer’s market. People are waiting  for prices to drop further. The sale of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and short-selling by investors has contributed to the decline.

A correction was in order given the astronomical rise in bullion over the past few years.Its the same for silver as well. This could be good news for retail buyers with the wedding season coming up in May.

May 13 is Akshay Tritiya, which may witness a drop in sales. The prospect of a free fall in prices will prompt buyers to defer non-essential purchases until Dhanteras, when prices could be even lower at round 22000-23000 Rupees per 10 grams.

Certainly,going by the subdued responses to the Siddhivinayak Mandir‘s gold auction for drought relief on the 11th i.e, Gudi Padwa, there is reason to be cautious.Small buyers were on a strict budget and the devotees who regularly make the big purchases were uninterested and absent.

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