The Gold Bungalow

Gold BungalowThe gold bungalow above was the most talked about offering to the Lalbaugcha Raja this year. At auction, devotee Santosh Mane put in the highest bid at Rs 5.21 lakh.The current market price of gold is Rs 3,54,818 lakh for 130 grams.

The Probabilities Of A Fall In Gold Price


Gold prices are unlikely to fall sharply in the near future . The RBI working group,headed by KUB Rao, calculated the probability of a gold price decline in four baskets (6-months, 3-months, 2-months and on a 1 month basis). Its analysis of the past data shows that there is no probability of a drop in gold prices of more than 40% and even the possibility of 30% dip or more in prices is rare in all the four baskets.

The Real Rate Of Interest On Deposits


Small wonder that gold prices shot up and gold  investment became popular between 2008-2011,huh?Ditto for real estate.

So Why Do We Indians Buy Gold?

Losing Money On Gold

The price of gold has tripled in the last six years, giving investors an annual compounded return of nearly 20%. Compared to bank deposit returns of 8% a year and a volatile equity market, it is hard to argue with proselytizers of gold. But gold hasn’t always appreciated year-on-year. In the four years between 1988 and 1992, the price of gold fell every year. Again, between 1994 and 2001, gold prices declined year-on-year. Indeed, in the quarter century between 1980 and 2005, investors in gold lost 11.74% of their capital. The present rise in gold prices, which took off after the Lehman Brothers’ collapse in 2008, may reverse. These are the facts to remember,as you try to decide whether to keep your gold or sell.

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