Insights Into The E-bay Marketplace

wealthymattersE-bay is a simple way to get started in retailing.In case you have been thinking of getting started on selling stuff online you are going to find the following facts culled from the first Online Business Index compiled by e-bay interesting.Below you will get an idea of your competition and the scope for making money using e-bay.

There are some 30,000 small businesses selling on e-bay in India.

About 15,000 small e-bay businesses in India export by shipping goods internationally.

Some businesses have an offline presence but most are pure online businesses.For the online only businesses,e-bay is the main sales channel,followed by their own e-commerce website,social media presence ,affiliate marketing and shopping comparison sites.

The turnover of e-bay India’s top sellers ranges from $60.000-$6.4 million

About 65% of local businesses are sole proprietorships Read more of this post

The Potential In Blogging


Ever since I attended the HP Connected Music IndiBlogger meet,I have been on the look out to know more about IndiBlogger and here’s what I’ve found: was launched in August 2007 as a free blog directory for Indians. However, the founders Renie Ravin(MD), Karthik DR(Director Finance), Vineet Rajan (Director  Pre-sales and Consulting) and Anoop Johnson(Director of Marketing) had a bigger game plan: to mobilise the blogosphere, a nascent field at the time, so that companies and brands could engage with their customers.

The idea was conceptualised by the founders (barring Rajan), all in their 20s, at a party in early August 2007. At the time, Karthik and Johnson were selling security solutions for Ostsold Software, and Ravin,also Johnson’s childhood friend was working as a Web architect for Broadspire, a software company, in Chennai. Convinced that they were on to a good thing, the trio quit their respective jobs shortly afterwards and focused on their start-up.They started with an investment of just Rupees 10,000. Rajan left his account manager’s job with Hewlett Packard, Hyderabad, to join IndiBlogger after a bloggers’ meet in Pune, in March 2008. Read more of this post

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