Salaries Of Non-IIT Engineering Graduates


There are thousands of engineering colleges in India and lakhs of freshly minted graduates pass out of them every year.Obviously this represents a wide variety of engineering talent and not all graduates ,looking for jobs,manage to find one of their choice or earn their dream salary.But even if you don’t make it to the IITs,don’t despair,all is not lost,The lakhpati salaries can be landed even in the non-IIT campuses,as long as you are in the crowd that lands a job.But do remember we are talking CTC.

Following is a list of noteworthy salaries from various non-IIT colleges:

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal-Facebook offered a computer science student an annual salary of $135,000 (approximately 84.6 lakh) during the ongoing placements — a record for the institute. Last year, the highest offer at the institute — at $100,000 (then 60 lakh) — came from Microsoft. This year Microsoft is offering those posted at headquarters a salary of $120,000 (75 lakhs).Google is offering a salary of $100,000 (around 63 lakhs), sweetened by a 15% bonus and 125 company stock units.  Read more of this post

Hard Drive: Bill Gates And The Making Of The Microsoft Empire

wealthymattersThis is a biography of Bill Gates by James Wallace and Jim Erickson.It focuses on the early years of  Bill Gates and Microsoft.

I have just now finished the book and recommend it if you are interested in his early formative years in Lakeside,his early moneymaking attempts,his forming  a software company with Paul Allen during his Harvard days,his early tendency to just get a product out of the door etc, you might find the book useful.

The book also highlights Bill’s weaknesses such as his squeaky voice,dandruff,poor personal hygiene,poor people skills,a compulsive need to win no matter the cost and no matter the trivialness of the contest.etc

The book will also allow you to glimpse the drive and determination that made Microsoft what it is today and propelled Gates to the top of the Forbes List.With Bill business always came first and you will get to see the hard ball Bill played to make Microsoft numero-uno in software,

But be warned,the book is dated and stops with Windows 3.0.So read it for the focus on the eairly years.

Chet Kanojia

wealthymattersChaitanya Kanojia,affectionately called  Chet,an Indian entrepreneur and CEO of Aereo, a New York-based technology company,is the David who has taken on media Goliaths in the US with an antenna the size of a 10 paise coin.

What he did was allow subscribers to view live TV programmes over the internet for a small monthly charge starting at $8. In the process, he has threatened millions of dollars that cable companies pay broadcasters for their content.As expected, he got sued, by 17 plaintiffs, including major broadcasters such as CBS, NBC Universal, ABC and Fox, for copyright infringement. But in a landmark judgment for US consumers, on April 1, 2013 an appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling saying Aereo’s streams did not infringe copyright laws and could continue operating.Cable companies in the US charge customers $100-200 a month for some 500 channels, when, in fact, they watch just 7-8. This technology offers custimers a chance to watch just what they want at a vastly reduced price. Read more of this post

The Potential In Blogging


Ever since I attended the HP Connected Music IndiBlogger meet,I have been on the look out to know more about IndiBlogger and here’s what I’ve found: was launched in August 2007 as a free blog directory for Indians. However, the founders Renie Ravin(MD), Karthik DR(Director Finance), Vineet Rajan (Director  Pre-sales and Consulting) and Anoop Johnson(Director of Marketing) had a bigger game plan: to mobilise the blogosphere, a nascent field at the time, so that companies and brands could engage with their customers.

The idea was conceptualised by the founders (barring Rajan), all in their 20s, at a party in early August 2007. At the time, Karthik and Johnson were selling security solutions for Ostsold Software, and Ravin,also Johnson’s childhood friend was working as a Web architect for Broadspire, a software company, in Chennai. Convinced that they were on to a good thing, the trio quit their respective jobs shortly afterwards and focused on their start-up.They started with an investment of just Rupees 10,000. Rajan left his account manager’s job with Hewlett Packard, Hyderabad, to join IndiBlogger after a bloggers’ meet in Pune, in March 2008. Read more of this post

Be Paranoid

Microsoft Mentality

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