Insights Into The E-bay Marketplace

wealthymattersE-bay is a simple way to get started in retailing.In case you have been thinking of getting started on selling stuff online you are going to find the following facts culled from the first Online Business Index compiled by e-bay interesting.Below you will get an idea of your competition and the scope for making money using e-bay.

There are some 30,000 small businesses selling on e-bay in India.

About 15,000 small e-bay businesses in India export by shipping goods internationally.

Some businesses have an offline presence but most are pure online businesses.For the online only businesses,e-bay is the main sales channel,followed by their own e-commerce website,social media presence ,affiliate marketing and shopping comparison sites.

The turnover of e-bay India’s top sellers ranges from $60.000-$6.4 million

About 65% of local businesses are sole proprietorships

Following are the most popular categories of business on e-bay:


Following are the reasons why some businesses are online-only businesses:


Many online businesses find e-bay the most profitable sales channel because of low transaction fees that they have to pay only when a sale actually takes place.

Following are the growth rates,top sellers on on e-bay expect for their businesses:


Top e-bay businesses employ on an average 4.8 full time staff and 1.6 part time staff.

77 million Indians visit online shopping sites per month.

95% of online businesses see Mobile Commerce as the next big thing and for many businesses on e-bay their only strategy to deal with this development involves going along with e-bay as it optimizes itself for mobile viewing.

What to look for in your logistics partner:








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8 Responses to Insights Into The E-bay Marketplace

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  2. Haven’t Ebay recently raised their fees for small sellers, so that they are now including the postage rates as part of the selling price and taking a cut on the total amount rather than just the sale amount?
    In many cases, Ebay make more per sale than the vendor – especially true for people trying to sell large volumes of low value items.
    Last I heard was that Ebay were losing small sellers at quite a rate.
    If they lose the small sellers, then all they will become is a poor mans amazon.

    • E-bay and e-commerce is just beginning to take off in India.But you are right about the problems of trying to sell low value items.Their fees make it an enviable proposition.
      I did a trial run awhile back with some modern coins.But the volume of sales were not big enough to reduce margins and bigger margins meant being noncompetitive.
      A friend of mine runs a non-profit and we are considering putting hand-made chocolates on e-bay.Lets see if things work out better this time.

  3. Ebay is awesome, I been selling there since 2004. I do have to admit, it’s not as good as it used to be.

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