For What Do BFSI Brands Hire Social Media Influencers For?


Each company/brand is a bit different and their intent behind engaging  social media influencers ranges from information dissemination, to increasing engagement with the brand, to business acquisition.

On Twitter, brands look to trend hashtags. For example StanChart’s #RunForAReason was trended for 21 hours on Twitter.

Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are used for affinity based targeting and brand building.

Instagram is used for softer communication.

Insurers like Aegon Life uses social media to demystify daunting subjects and so regularly ropes in comedians on YouTube.

Well Said @KotakSecurities #KotakMidCapMeet15

wealthymattersGreat to hear Mr Kamlesh Rao,CEO Kotak Securities, state at the @KotakSecurities ‪#‎KotakMidCapMeet15‬ @GrandHyattMum that social media is probably the greatest source of banking developments these days. Eg the competition to cheques and debit cards is the mobile wallet.

WhatsApp Marketing

wealthymattersWhatsApp is hugely popular in India and is still expanding fast. In February,its chief executive Jan Koum claimed that it had around 40 million active users in the country.

WatsApp is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool as it allows for mass messaging of customers and would be customers without the restrictions on unsolicited SMSs.

Delhi-based Elion Technologies & Consulting and Ozone SMS,a reseller of bulk messages sourced from  Elion Technologies is  a provider of bulk messages on WhatsApp.Customers can opt for plans starting from 10,000 messages costing Rs2500.They also offer a discount for larger orders. For instance, an order for a million messages to WhatsApp users costs 22 paise a piece, and the buyer has one full year to exhaust the inventory.

The company also sells video and audio messages, as well as virtual visiting cards, for a higher fee. The messages can be sent in bulk via computer.



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