For What Do BFSI Brands Hire Social Media Influencers For?


Each company/brand is a bit different and their intent behind engaging  social media influencers ranges from information dissemination, to increasing engagement with the brand, to business acquisition.

On Twitter, brands look to trend hashtags. For example StanChart’s #RunForAReason was trended for 21 hours on Twitter.

Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are used for affinity based targeting and brand building.

Instagram is used for softer communication.

Insurers like Aegon Life uses social media to demystify daunting subjects and so regularly ropes in comedians on YouTube.

Life Of A Social-Media Influencer

wealthymatters9:49 a.m  Tweets “just woke up”. Googles a hangover cure.

10:05  a.m Checks Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email. Reads  online newspapers and blogs to check last night party photos. Sends the editor an email request to removing a photo where “the influencer” looked too fat.

10:35 a.m Tweets about how beautiful “the influencer” is today.  Uploads a picture herself  on Instagram. Checks in “the influencer’s fabulous office”  on Foursquare…..[Incase anyone forgot how important she is].

10:45 a.m  Reads a frienemy’s blog and finds out ABC PR agency did not invite the influence to a party. Breaks a vase and tweets ” _____ party is just for influencer-wanna-be”

10:46 a.m Checks Twitter

10:47 a.m Checks Twitter

10:48 a.m Checks Twitter

10:50  a.m Writes a blog post about last night’s party. Read more of this post

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