Life Of A Social-Media Influencer

wealthymatters9:49 a.m  Tweets “just woke up”. Googles a hangover cure.

10:05  a.m Checks Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email. Reads  online newspapers and blogs to check last night party photos. Sends the editor an email request to removing a photo where “the influencer” looked too fat.

10:35 a.m Tweets about how beautiful “the influencer” is today.  Uploads a picture herself  on Instagram. Checks in “the influencer’s fabulous office”  on Foursquare…..[Incase anyone forgot how important she is].

10:45 a.m  Reads a frienemy’s blog and finds out ABC PR agency did not invite the influence to a party. Breaks a vase and tweets ” _____ party is just for influencer-wanna-be”

10:46 a.m Checks Twitter

10:47 a.m Checks Twitter

10:48 a.m Checks Twitter

10:50  a.m Writes a blog post about last night’s party.

11:30 am Works on the “next viral” Ebook => “How to party and influence people”

12:45 p.m Checks Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest. Counts new followers and fans.

1:00 p.m Eats lunch with another influencer. Spends 20 minutes tweeting back and forth with the other influencer on Twitter so everyone can see that the influencers are eating together.

2:15 p.m Asks restaurant’s manager to cover the bill and promises to write a review. Of course it will be a good one because it was a free meal.

3:00 p.m Pitches to brands and asks for samples…..a lot of samples.

4:00 p.m Takes more pictures and shares them on Instagram.

4:30 p.m Googles “How to gain more Twitter followers”, ” Cheap Facebook Fans”, “How to become influential on social media”

5:00 p.m Drops by ____store to pick up a dress for the many parties of the night. Takes picture and  shares on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. [This is what a girl needs to do to borrow a dress!]

6:00 p.m Arrives at party A. Tweets “the influencer has arrived #PartyAbyBCD”

7:00 p.m Open bar => drinks

8:00 p.m Still drinking…it is free

9:00 p.m …..still drinking

10:00 p.m Time to go to party  B

11:00 p.m Drinks more

…… Not sure what happens

2:00 a.m Home

Along with being a celeb,almost celeb,wanna-be-celeb,page 3 hanger-on,social media influencers too get to get onto the gravy train of branding and advertising and pay some bills,manage a lifestyle or whatever.


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