Wholesale Gold and Silver Prices

wealthymatters.comThe gold and silver  you buy passes through a complex system of wholesalers, stockists, bulk consumers, re-sellers, and retailers before it reaches your hand.Have you ever wanted to know what might be the prices the Big Boys pay to buy their bullion?After all such information may come in handy when bargaining for your small purchase.I find the wholesale price of bullion in Mumbai  here:http://www.bombaybullion.com/

Gold Prices on the Street

The recent fall in gold prices in the international markets made news headlines in India.The MCX mirrored the COMEX but things were a little different on the street.Here is a story from this week’s Wealth Times.Do read it for an idea of how ETFs react vis-a vis bullion and for how to try and get a discount out of your jeweller.

Is the fall in gold prices genuine

Khyati Dharamsi

wealthymatters.comWhen gold prices fell by more than 2,500 from 28,210 per 10 gm on 21 September to 25,685 on 29 September,people hailed the good news.But much to their disappointment,they found that it wasn’t as cheap as it was touted to be.While the yellow metal was trading at the 25,000 mark,most jewellers charged 27,500 per 10 gm,even 28,200 at some stores.When asked about the difference in the rates,jewellery store managers said that the rates quoted in the media were averaged out,so they were not applicable. Read more of this post

Gulika , Rahu Kaalam , Yamagandam & Shoolam

wealthymatters.comA bit of good luck never hurt any body.Or is it the belief that we are going to encounter good luck that keeps us in a winning frame of mind?In any case. here are some Hindu beliefs to increase one’s success:

Traditional wisdom informs us that activities done at certain times of the day give good or bad results due to overriding universal influences. There are energies working to move time and events and by following some rules for navigating these energy-significant periods of times we can maximize positive end-results in daily activities while avoiding the negative ones. Read more of this post

So What Does a Billion Dollars Buy ?

Frugality is fine.But its one thing to be frugal because you want to and an altogether different thing to be frugal for lack of an alternative.So why not show our sub-conscious minds what is available and let it find ways to make them reality?


The the car in the picture  above is a Maybach Landaulet.It costs a million dollars.One billion dollars will buy you a thousand Maybach Landaulets. Read more of this post

Wealth Pyramid

wealthymattersNo great fortune was built in a day.Slaving away, saving and putting money away might make you a nice nest egg after a while and over a few lifetimes a family might even get to be pretty well off.But when it comes to a fortune of any considerable size, in addition to sustained hard work and probably talent there is some effect of fortuitous circumstances . Often fortunes are made in just one business or one through one right call on some speculation.However there are too many ways to lose a fortune either through greed, overconfidence, a failure to admit a lack of understanding,a change in circumstances etc.So no matter the size of one’s wealth or the precise nature of its origin it is important to have a wealth pyramid in place.The general idea is to ensure the safety of the largest amount of one’s wealth. Read more of this post

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