So What Does a Billion Dollars Buy ?

Frugality is fine.But its one thing to be frugal because you want to and an altogether different thing to be frugal for lack of an alternative.So why not show our sub-conscious minds what is available and let it find ways to make them reality?

The the car in the picture  above is a Maybach Landaulet.It costs a million dollars.One billion dollars will buy you a thousand Maybach Landaulets.

wealthymatters.comwealthymatters.comOn the left is the is the Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey.On the right is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai,UAE.Suites in luxury hotels cost as much as 20,000 – 30,ooo dollars per night.A billion dollars will buy you a $20,000 room every night for 137 years.

Le Grand Bleu  above costs $90 million.Some yachts cost as much as $200 million or more.You can buy ten $100 million yachts with a billion dollars.

The jet above  is a Gulfstream G550. You can pick one up for around $40 million for the base variant.$60 million will buy you a top-of-the-line variant.A billion dollars will buy you 25 of these.

wealthymatters.comA private island such as this  costs $24.5 million – castle included. You can  buy 40 of these with a billion dollars.

wealthymatters.comA home such as this would be available for about about $8 million.You can buy 125 houses like this one with a billion dollars.

wealthymatters.comThere are watches that are more expensive than a luxury car.The one in this picture above costs more than $5 million. You can buy 200 of these with a billion dollars.

So what will it cost to own the whole package?

  • One Maybach Landaulet for $1 million.
  • One $100 million yacht.
  • One Gulfstream G550 private jet for $40 million.
  • One private island for $24.5 million.
  • One $8 million estate.
  • One $5 million watch.
  • Total: $178.5 million.

The $821.5 million left over from the billion dollars can pay for a$20,000 room every night for 112 and 1/2 years.And if  frugality and bargain hunting is really your thing,you can probably have all this for less.


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    • Isn’t it?

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    Some genuinely nice stuff on this site. I love it.

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    Good articles.

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    Hey Thanks for posting this.I like it and I’ll keep coming back. Bye!

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