Gulika , Rahu Kaalam , Yamagandam & Shoolam

wealthymatters.comA bit of good luck never hurt any body.Or is it the belief that we are going to encounter good luck that keeps us in a winning frame of mind?In any case. here are some Hindu beliefs to increase one’s success:

Traditional wisdom informs us that activities done at certain times of the day give good or bad results due to overriding universal influences. There are energies working to move time and events and by following some rules for navigating these energy-significant periods of times we can maximize positive end-results in daily activities while avoiding the negative ones.

Its believed that any activity carried out during Gulika(Flowering Time) period will be repeated once again.So its an auspicious time for starting activities like building a house, buying assets or vehicles. Marriage should not be conducted during this period for obvious reasons.And no dead body should not be taken out of the house to the cremation ground during Gulika.Here is a table showing Gulika for every day of the week.

Any activity or journey, whether of short or long distance, initiated or undertaken during Rahu(Dragon’s Head) Kaalam is believed to meet a significant degree of failure, lack of success ,delay, postponement or no conclusive result.To counteract Rahu Kaalam people avoid commencing important money-related or travel activities, during this time.They leave their current location or have their meetings, or start their activities earlier than or after the Rahu Kaalam period.Of course,you could use Rahu Kaalam to your advantage if you want postponements and delays.Also its considered very auspicious to perfom Durga pooja during Rahu Kaalam.Here is a table showing Rahu Kaalam for every day of the week.

Yamagandam means death time.Only death ceremonies are performed during Yamagandam.Any activity commenced during this time invites the ‘death’ of the work or energies relating to that work.So activities during Yamagandam leads to a failure or destruction of the end-result. Avoid commencing important, money-related or travel activities, during this time.Leave your current location or have your meeting, or start your activity earlier than or after the Yamagandam time.Don’t  be tempted to use this time-slot to end some issue as it is dangerous to plan an activity during this time as the end- result could be a failure for you.Following is a table showing Yamagandam:

BTW all the times to be considered are local specified standard time (clock time) of the country or area.So there is no need to go for all the calculators available on the net.

Travel from an area of residence or where one has stayed the night, heading in the Shoolam direction , it is believed,creates a piercing and flowing away of karmic and personal energy in all areas of life and activities.So Shoolam direction is to be avoided as the first outbound journey of the day from one’s  home or temporary residence. To counteract Shoolam some people avoid all journeys heading towards the Shoolam direction of the day. (BTW ‘Day’ is calculated from sunrise to next sunrise.Direction means, within 15 degrees of the compass-direction.)Other people have a less drastic solution:If the day’s first journey is a destination within the city in the Shoolam direction, then they first go to a destination at least 3 kilometers in a different direction, stop there and purchase something,spend a few minutes there and then resuming their journey in the Shoolam direction.If  the person is going out of town, the preferred option is to leave the place of residence one day earlier and staying overnight a minimum of 3 kilometers away in a direction other than the Shoolam for the day of travel.For example if a person needs to travel North on Wednesday they commence their journey on Tuesday, heading in a different direction and staying in that direction overnight and taking care n0t t0 to travel North,North-West or North-East on Wednesday.

Here is a table showing Shoolam directions:


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144 Responses to Gulika , Rahu Kaalam , Yamagandam & Shoolam

  1. Sadagopan says:

    can thai month tarpanam be performed during rahu kaalam during Uttaraayan since the thai madha pirappu is after 5 pm on 14 Jan 2018 ?


    • Keerthika Singaravel says:


  2. Preeti says:

    My 16 year old son passed away in yamagandam,on 14January 2017 ,any comments? Want to know if it was a good time for him to start his heavenly journey

    • Yes.
      Take comfort in knowing that this short life of his was to finish something pending from a previous birth. Hence the timing.

  3. saranya says:

    HI I have started house warming cermony(Started boiling milk at 5.50 AM) on thursday but we started pooja at 6 AM (Yemagandam).. will that create a problem .

    • No.

  4. Abhay Londhe says:

    Rahu does not mean Dragon’s head. Please remove this reference.

  5. Sagul Appavu says:

    In conclusion, yemakandam and Rakukalam may also become Nallaneram when a good incidents occur. For instance a wedding ceremony is happy sign. When tie the mangalsoothra (Thali) during bad time; The bad time also becomes good time when good things happen in bad time.

  6. Kiku says:

    Donating curd…means how ….to whom….please hwlp

    • Actually doesn’t really matter so much who ,as your intentions and mind-frame as you do it. Buy a hungry child/person some curd, offer it to a hungry animal or set it outside for nature to do take care of distributing it.

  7. Pat Grassi says:

    Hello! I would like to know if this inauspicious times are only for daytime or they apply also to night time

    • Just day-times pat.

      • Pat Grassi says:

        thank you

      • You’re welcome!

  8. Rose says:

    Hi There,
    Bit confused as you said the time would be local for any country.but when I check other Hindu calanders the times are totally different .how do one know which one is correct ?how do we calculate ?any tips please.
    Thanks in advance .


    • Rose could you please explain with examples, I’m not able to get your questions.

    • Chinnappan says:

      First you have to see the panjaangam or calender for which place it is calculated. Almost all the calenders in India, carries the time calculated for the Capital City of the concerned state; for eg. Calenders of Tamilnadu (India) carries the timings calculated for Chennai (Madras). Most Panjaangams of Tamil carries the timings calculated for Chennai (Madras). As far I know, (Snake) Paambu panjangam calculated for Tanjore and Sreenivaasan Panjaangam for Salem.
      2nd, you have to add or deduct the timing difference to your place to the place for which it is calculated, taking into consideration, the SunRise time of these 2 places.
      3rd, if the timings are in Naaligai (indian traditional unit) you have to calculate that also. That is, 1 Naaligai = 24 Minutes or 60 Naaligai = 24 Hours.
      You have to spend some time to learn all these things, if you are very much inteested.

      • Online panchangams now allow you to choose your city.

  9. es prasad says:

    The yamagandam kalams shown in the chart of wrong in case of saturday and friday. Both are to be interchanged. otherdays okay.

    • Hari Krishna says:

      yes, yamagandam timings of friday and saturday are given wrong, please make the necessary changes in the table.

  10. buji says:

    i was born on yamakandam. whether it may affect my future if s how?

    • Pallavi, just chill. Nothing bad will happen.
      Birth in yamagandam will not affect your life badly. It just means that karmically your soul has done with the issues of past lives.
      If you are still afraid, do the simple pariharams here:

  11. buji says:

    i was born on 27.6.91 thursday on yamakandan.As u said it as inauspicious tym how it will affect my life..advice me

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