Jugaad And Wealth

This ad from Exide Life got me thinking about Jugaad.

When you’re just starting out with next to nothing in hand, there is nothing like jugaad to take you ahead in the money game. With a bit of jugaad you can stretch the money you have to do more,save money to put together capital and use whatever resources you have at hand or lay hands on to get started on doing what you wish to be doing to start making money. Its sort of like Jugaadulal wearing his helmet to cut onions comfortably. Its pretty sensible, if soaking onions in water before cutting them doesn’t work. Read more of this post

India Wealth Stats

If you have ever wondered exactly where in the wealth pyramid you are in India and in the world,here are some stats to help you gauge your situation:wealthymatters

Global Wealth Pyramid


Doomsday Investing

wealthymattersThe world economy is far from the pink of health,but I don’t think that the end of the world ,as we know it, is upon us.However I do believe in having a wealth pyramid in place.If your are coming in late,you can read more about it in an older post here: https://wealthymatters.com/2011/09/30/wealth-pyramid/#more-1948.And the time for building an ark is long before the deluge…..

The wealthiest in the world have the most to lose in a crisis.They also often care the most about not losing it all.Moreover they have the money and the contacts to put in place the most elaborate fall back plans.The following are some actions that wealthy people in different parts of the world seem to be taking to limit the damage to their fortunes.( http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/04/us-wealth-summit-investment-idUSTRE7933LS20111004) Why not be influenced a little bit by them?Especially with a little part of the funds lying at the bottom of the pyramid?The worst that could happen is that nothing happens and we feel foolish.On the other hand if we wait till there is blood on the streets,it might be too late to do anything much. Read more of this post

Wealth Pyramid

wealthymattersNo great fortune was built in a day.Slaving away, saving and putting money away might make you a nice nest egg after a while and over a few lifetimes a family might even get to be pretty well off.But when it comes to a fortune of any considerable size, in addition to sustained hard work and probably talent there is some effect of fortuitous circumstances . Often fortunes are made in just one business or one through one right call on some speculation.However there are too many ways to lose a fortune either through greed, overconfidence, a failure to admit a lack of understanding,a change in circumstances etc.So no matter the size of one’s wealth or the precise nature of its origin it is important to have a wealth pyramid in place.The general idea is to ensure the safety of the largest amount of one’s wealth. Read more of this post

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