Salaries Of Non-IIT Engineering Graduates


There are thousands of engineering colleges in India and lakhs of freshly minted graduates pass out of them every year.Obviously this represents a wide variety of engineering talent and not all graduates ,looking for jobs,manage to find one of their choice or earn their dream salary.But even if you don’t make it to the IITs,don’t despair,all is not lost,The lakhpati salaries can be landed even in the non-IIT campuses,as long as you are in the crowd that lands a job.But do remember we are talking CTC.

Following is a list of noteworthy salaries from various non-IIT colleges:

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal-Facebook offered a computer science student an annual salary of $135,000 (approximately 84.6 lakh) during the ongoing placements — a record for the institute. Last year, the highest offer at the institute — at $100,000 (then 60 lakh) — came from Microsoft. This year Microsoft is offering those posted at headquarters a salary of $120,000 (75 lakhs).Google is offering a salary of $100,000 (around 63 lakhs), sweetened by a 15% bonus and 125 company stock units. 

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), Allahabad-The highest salary  so far is 20 lakh from web services firm Directi, but results from the final round of selection by Google are awaited. The firm had offered 56 lakhs last year. Facebook is expected in the next semester. The company had made an offer of $262,500 (then 1.34 crore) two years ago.

Delhi Technological University-A computer science student got an offer of 93 lakhs from Google while US-based software company Epic reportedly made the second-best offer of 70 lakhs and selected 11 students.

Jadavpur University in Kolkata– Japanese firm Works Applications  came calling with a 35 lakh offer. Although the company picked up only one student last year at a similar package, this time it’s expected to hire more. Amazon has offered seven students a salary of 17 lakhs each this year while Yahoo! will hire students for 14-15 lakh this year.

NIT Surathkal-The highest domestic offer till date is 28 lakh from Goldman Sachs. Last year, the highest offer was $120,000 from Microsoft,

Vellore Institute of Technology’(VIT)– DE Shaw, Flipkart and eBay have all offered a salary of more than 11 lakh.

RV College of Engineering,Bangalore-DE Shaw has made offers of 14 lakh to students.


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