Lucky Numbers For The Different Rashis

wealthymattersIn Indian/Vedic Astrology moon-signs(rashis)are used instead of sun-signs.Some numbers are believed to be lucky for various rashis. You can find the lucky numbers for your rashi in the table below:

If you don’t know your rashi,you can use the calculator here:Link Read more of this post

Nakshatras And Lucky Numbers

wealthymattersIf you know your Nakshatra as per Indian/Vedic astrology,you can find out another lucky number or two from the table below.If you don’t know your Nakshatra,use the calculator here to find it :Link Read more of this post

Mining Your Name For Lucky Numbers

wealthymatters.comOther than your sun sign and date of birth, your name is supposedly a source of lucky numbers.Each constituent of your full name as you use it normally,your full name as you normally use it,your nicknames, aliases and stage or pen names,all lead to your lucky numbers.

To convert your names to numbers, substitute each letter with the number corresponding to its position in the alphabet,  reduced to a single digit.So A-J-S = 1, B-K-T = 2, C-L-U = 3, D-M-V = 4, E-N-W = 5, F-O-X = 6, G-P-Y = 7, H-Q-Z = 8, I-R = 9.

So considering my name,KEERTHIKA SINGARAVEL.




So 7 and 9 are believed to be lucky numbers.

Lucky Dates And Numbers Using Numerology


Other than using astrology to determine lucky numbers and lucky periods you can supposedly use numerology.Your birth date will provide you with 2 numbers.The first is arrived at by totaling the digits of your birthday and the other by totaling the digits of your date of birth.So if you are born on 10 Jan,1982=-your lucky numbers are 1+0=1 and (1+0)+1+(1+9+8+2)=1+1+(20)=1+1+2=i.e.1 and 4.

On dates,months and years which reduce to your 2 lucky numbers you are said to be luckier.

Also every ninth birthday i.e. 18th,27th,36th etc birthday are believed to be extra lucky.

A small point to note is that in numerology double numbers like 11, 22, 33 and 44 are considered Master Numbers and are not reduced and generally kept as they are. Read more of this post

Lucky Days And Numbers For The Sun Signs

wealthymattersMany old hands  punting on the race course swear by lucky numbers and lucky days.And the general idea is to play deep on the lucky days and hold back on the not so lucky or unlucky days.A good number of them consult astrologers seriously and keep track of the transits.

If you plan to wager in a more amateur fashion,here is a little help from astrology.Just find out your Sun Sign and read off the lucky days and numbers.On your lucky days bet on horses and races bearing your lucky numbers.You are supposed to have better luck on dates with your lucky numbers or with dates that reduce to your lucky numbers.This logic can be extended to other games of chance, lotteries, treasure hunts,contests  and even financial speculation. Read more of this post

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