Mining Your Name For Lucky Numbers

wealthymatters.comOther than your sun sign and date of birth, your name is supposedly a source of lucky numbers.Each constituent of your full name as you use it normally,your full name as you normally use it,your nicknames, aliases and stage or pen names,all lead to your lucky numbers.

To convert your names to numbers, substitute each letter with the number corresponding to its position in the alphabet,  reduced to a single digit.So A-J-S = 1, B-K-T = 2, C-L-U = 3, D-M-V = 4, E-N-W = 5, F-O-X = 6, G-P-Y = 7, H-Q-Z = 8, I-R = 9.

So considering my name,KEERTHIKA SINGARAVEL.




So 7 and 9 are believed to be lucky numbers.

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4 Responses to Mining Your Name For Lucky Numbers

  1. Send my lucky numbers

  2. Sandra C. says:

    i love this 🙂 7 is the number of wisdom and spirituality and 9 the number of compassion and generosity and uncondional love ! so you are probably an old soul 🙂

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