Investing Like An Indian Politician

wealthymattersThe one thing career politicians in India know is that income often comes in fits and starts and there is a need to provide for necessities and expenses in the meantime.

Here’s what a lot of them will do.

1.FDs in the name of every family member not qualifying to fall in the tax-net. That way some regular income for necessary expenses is always generated.

2.Land: Invest in land in appreciating location.Agricultural land purchased on any national highway at distance of 15 to 25 kms from the city centre of big cities have tended to double in 2-3 years and so make excellent main appreciating assets .Take up agriculture yourself or let out the land to other farmers for rent .So your income will be tax free and the underlying asset will appreciate as well. Regularly sell land on appreciation and move away further to grow capital. Urban land too works but community activities on it are not tax free. Read more of this post

Of Heart Breakers And Home Wreckers

wealthymattersRelationships take so much of energy and there is nothing like a significant relationship going bad to seriously affect your net-worth.So why not take a quick look at a person’s zodiac sign before making a significant commitment? is the world’s most trusted extra-marital dating site.Out of’s 17 million plus users, 15.6% of males are Pisces (a la Rob Lowe) and 16.1% of the female philanderers seeking a discreet affair on the site are Geminis (a la sexy vixen Angelina Jolie). Thus we can surmise that Pisces men and Gemini women are more likely to cheat than any other astrological sign. Pisces top the list because they’re the rulers of the imagination and fantasy. And they have a hard time letting their curiosities go unexplored. Read more of this post

Lucky Days And Numbers For The Sun Signs

wealthymattersMany old hands  punting on the race course swear by lucky numbers and lucky days.And the general idea is to play deep on the lucky days and hold back on the not so lucky or unlucky days.A good number of them consult astrologers seriously and keep track of the transits.

If you plan to wager in a more amateur fashion,here is a little help from astrology.Just find out your Sun Sign and read off the lucky days and numbers.On your lucky days bet on horses and races bearing your lucky numbers.You are supposed to have better luck on dates with your lucky numbers or with dates that reduce to your lucky numbers.This logic can be extended to other games of chance, lotteries, treasure hunts,contests  and even financial speculation. Read more of this post

Sunsigns and Wealth

wealthymatters.comSince ancient times people have looked to the stars to figure out whether they will be wealthy.They have consulted astrologers to figure out how to make their fortunes.Horoscopes have been cast, and many derived charts  prepared, to study a peoples’ wealth potential and best source of wealth.

In Western Astrology, at the rudimentary level, the focus is on the Sun Signs as they are held to account for most of the personality traits of a person.Forbes Magazine,through its study, has found that roughly 12% of the world’s billionaires in its annual list were born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, making Virgo the most common sign among billionaires.And the least common sign is Sagittarius , i.e those born between November 22 – December 21, with 6% of the people in its billionaire list.

However,every Sun sign is home to some or other billionaire.I have tried to find the wealthiest individual belonging to each Sun Sign.Each one of these billionaires has made his money in certain fields and by harnessing certain personality traits.If  astrology really works, maybe you too could make your fortune in the same field or by adopting similar tactics.So why not look up the richest person featured against your Sun-Sign and start googling up the name.Just check out what they may have in common with you. Read more of this post

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