Lucky Numbers For The Different Rashis

wealthymattersIn Indian/Vedic Astrology moon-signs(rashis)are used instead of sun-signs.Some numbers are believed to be lucky for various rashis. You can find the lucky numbers for your rashi in the table below:

If you don’t know your rashi,you can use the calculator here:Link

Mesha/Aries 9 and 1
Vrishabha/Taurus 2 and 8
Mithuna/Gemini 3 and 7
Kataka/Cancer 4 and 6
Simha/Leo 1, 4 and 6
Kanya/Virgo 2, 5 and 7
Thula/Libra  1, 2 and 7
Vrischika/Scorpio 2, 7 and 9
Dhanus/Sagittarius  3, 5 and 8
Makara/Capricorn  6, 8 and 9
Kumbha/Aquarius 2, 3 and 7
Meena/Pisces 1, 3, 4 and 9



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18 Responses to Lucky Numbers For The Different Rashis

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  2. KALYAN sarkar says:

    Please my life ?

    • Kalyan, simply use your Rashi sign to find your lucky numbers.

  3. shashi kanta behera. says:

    Mara kanya rasi ya Sal kaisa jayaga.mara rasi ma kaunsa business achha hoga.?

    • Sorry that’s an unrelated query. It requires a more detailed analysis and is a paid service.

  4. Raju.Yadav says:

    Good ,……..


    My number 1 4 6

    • That’s good.

  6. rakib says:


    • Thanks

  7. balwant says:

    Aaj mare liye lukye numbar kiya hai

    • Sorry I couldn’t get to your query on time.

  8. DEEPAK says:

    9 ka laki number 1 aur 7 me kun sa h

    • Interesting.

  9. sir kal mere liye lucky number kyun sa hai

    • Subhash just read off the lucky numbers for your Rashi from the table in the post.

  10. Zodiac Sign Compatibility says:

    Great info!

    • Thanks

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