Lucky Days And Numbers For The Sun Signs

wealthymattersMany old hands  punting on the race course swear by lucky numbers and lucky days.And the general idea is to play deep on the lucky days and hold back on the not so lucky or unlucky days.A good number of them consult astrologers seriously and keep track of the transits.

If you plan to wager in a more amateur fashion,here is a little help from astrology.Just find out your Sun Sign and read off the lucky days and numbers.On your lucky days bet on horses and races bearing your lucky numbers.You are supposed to have better luck on dates with your lucky numbers or with dates that reduce to your lucky numbers.This logic can be extended to other games of chance, lotteries, treasure hunts,contests  and even financial speculation.

Aries Tuesday 8 & 1
Taurus Friday 6
Gemini Wednesday 3 & 5
Cancer Monday 2 & 7
Leo Sunday 1 & 4
Virgo Wednesday 3 & 5
Libra Friday 6
Scorpio Tuesday 8 & 9
Sagittarius Thursday 7 & 3
Capricorn Saturday 4 & 8
Aquarius Saturday 4 & 11 (2)
Pisces Thursday 3 & 7

I can’t vouch for the fact that a person is consistently lucky on these days and with these numbers on the race course,the casinos and lotteries as I don’t indulge in them so often or keep meticulous records. However I find that the days and numbers work in financial matters.

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