Factor In Deflation

No matter what your financial dreams for the future, factor in deflation to succeed.

The Elephant In The Room

Implosion Of Asset Prices


Keep these words in mind when you stock up on bullion,land,real-estate etc.Always spend a while thinking how you will liquidate the assets you propose to purchase and at what price.Killings are made when you buy not so much when you sell. Read more of this post

Nota Bene

wealthymatters.comCompared to other asset classes, gold has historically outperformed in a wide range of uncertain economic scenarios: deflation (falling prices accompanied by low or negative growth), stagflation (high inflation and low growth as seen in the US in the 70s) and in potential hyper-inflationary outcomes while it tends to lag when the global economy is booming.

Lessons From The Weimar Republic

wealthymatters.comInflation causes a lot of change which can impoverish the majority but at the same time provide  incredible opportunity for creating wealth for those who are educated and informed.So why not read the story below and benefit a little?

July 24, 1914 – The depreciation of Germany’s currency, the Reichsmark, began when the Reichsbank (Germany’s central bank) suspended gold convertibility on the Reichsmark, meaning you could no longer trade in your Reichsmarks for actual gold. From that point forward there was no limitation to the amount of money the Reichsbank could then create (money backed by nothing, basically just printed out of thin air and placed into the system thereby reducing the value of the existing currency, ie, inflation). Read more of this post

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