The Elephant In The Room

Implosion Of Asset Prices


Keep these words in mind when you stock up on bullion,land,real-estate etc.Always spend a while thinking how you will liquidate the assets you propose to purchase and at what price.Killings are made when you buy not so much when you sell. Read more of this post

The Real Cost Of Bureaucracy

wealthymatters “The government in India, through its incredible bureaucracy, has retarded economic growth in the last 20-30 years by at least 3% per annum in real terms.”-Marc Faber

Marc Faber On Indian Equities

wealthymattersMarc Faber, the author of The Gloom, Boom & Doom report, spoke recently to Bloomberg UTV on the Indian equities and the global headwinds. Here are the key pointers from the interview:

On Indian economy:
– 2008-like fall will send dollar higher, rupee lower
– Domestic consumption remains India’s biggest story
– Growth in rural areas, population key driver

On Indian equities: 
– Difficult for Sensex to cross 21,000 in next 6 months
– Expect Sensex to fall 12000-15000 in near-term
– Don’t expect India to fall below 2008 levels – Markets got oversold in last 2 months
– Would accumulate Indian stocks on weakness
– May also look at investing in Indian banks
– Impossible for India to hit new high in next 6 months
– Banks continue to operate like hedge funds Read more of this post

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