Factor In Deflation

No matter what your financial dreams for the future, factor in deflation to succeed.

The Mark Mobius View

wealthymatters.comHere is a recent interview from Forbes India to counteract all the gloom and doom

Mark Mobius: Debt crisis will help emerging markets

Dr Mark Mobius, executive director, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, tells Pravin Palande and Shishir Prasad that he is optimistic about India and in many cases, a weak rupee may actually benefit some companies in the country.

Dr Mark Mobius

Profile: Executive director, Templeton Emerging Markets Group

Career high point: Consistently voted as one of the most influential investment managers in the world

Last vacation: Doesn’t take any.

Known for: Travelling a lot; comic book based on his life

The idea of a single currency (euro) for differing political units seems to be in trouble. What does it mean for global currency markets? Read more of this post

India And Gold

wealthymatters.comThe picture on the right might be what comes first to mind when a lot of people think about India and gold–A bride decked out in gold ornaments.

Here interesting facts about Indians and gold:

India is the world’s largest buyer of gold, accounted for 32% of the global demand in 2010.

India’s annual consumption demand has risen from an average of 300-400 tonnes (1998-2004) to about 900-1,000 tonnes in the last three years (2008-2010).

India’s demand for gold rose by 106% Y-o-Y,in 2010, substantially higher than the 60% recorded by the second-fastest growing market- China.

Indians invest over 11% of the gross savings in gold, against less than 2% by the Chinese. Read more of this post

Interesting Chindia Cartoon



Der Spiegel on Tulsi Tanti



Here are 2 articles on Green -Warrior Tulsi Tanti,one dating from 2008 and the second a few days back that appeared in Der Spiegel.Enjoy them.Tulsi Tanti might not be a media darling today but the man does have much to recommend him.These articles provide an insight into the mind of the entrepreneur who named his company Suzlon,’Suz’ from the Gujarati Suz-buz (intelligence)and ‘lon’, the Gujarati way of saying bank loan.

Tulsi Tanti’s Success Story

The Rise of Indian Wind Power

By Michaela Schiessl

Indian businessman Tulsi Tanti has built one of the world’s largest wind turbine companies in an incredibly short amount of time. Now that he has bought a German company, however, his popularity may be on the wane. Read more of this post

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