Learning From Sir Richard Branson

wealthymattersHere is what Sir Richard has to say:

1. On big companies vs. small companies

“Small is beautiful.” Sir Richard doesn’t see size as a competitive advantage.

His Virgin Records label is not the biggest in the music industry, but in 1992 it attracted the Rolling Stones. Virgin Airlines has a mere 37 airplanes versus the 700+ maintained by its competitors. It’s better to spin off a company into a second smaller company (as Virgin Atlantic spun off Virgin America) than grow larger, Sir Richard believes, because smaller companies can stay both more nimble and more customer-focused. They can also maintain the style and “cheekiness” of their early trailblazing if they stay relatively compact. Read more of this post

Go Get A Life – You’ll Make More Money

wealthymatters,comHere is one more small piece from Alok Kejriwal:

“If you go for a live music concert or a dance performance at the NCPA (National Center of Performing Arts) in Mumbai or listen to an Opera at the Jamshed Bhabha auditorium next door, you will marvel at the massive contribution the Tatas have made to the Art scene in India.

Given this background, if I were an Austrian CEO who can run a steel plant as efficiently as I can play the Oboe, I will be far more motivated to join the Tatas as the CEO of TISCO rather than become the CEO of some Industrial House in India whose CEO cannot understand if the Oboe is a wind instrument or a Shoe.

Life and business is being cultivated way beyond the dusty corridors of factories and sheds. I wish that all wannabe entrepreneurs and inheritors of family businesses understand this early on!”

Bonding and networking often takes place outside of business hours and business places.It is good if business and/or investing is your major interest but allow other parts of your personality a chance to develop.Cultivate your interests in the arts,sports,hobbies & leisure activities,government and politics,social service,philanthropy etc.Aside from helping you meet other like minded people you are bound to become a lot more creative because of these diverse influences.

Remember all work and no play makes Jack/Jill a very dull person indeed!

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