Richard Branson On Dealing With Failures


Cultivate Family

wealthymattersAs regular readers know, I have been watching the new advertisement efforts of  with some interest. And yesterday, I saw two huge billboards with their ads outside the Siddhivinayak Mandir with the togetherness and help theme which provided the stimulus for this post.

Shri Siddhivinayakji is widely believed to be the remover of all obstacles and so worshipped. Ganpati is also believed to be the creator of obstacles in his attempt to keep us on the path we are meant to follow in this life.Failures are hard to live with, I deal with them by believing that its the universe’s way of saying that I am not engaging with the right thing or going about it the right way. So, I  like to start all new ventures with a prayer at this temple for Ganeshji to help me go about things sensibly to attain as much success as I possibly can, in the simplest, swiftest manner possible. And yesterday’s was one another such visit to this temple.

Now,I like to pray in isolation. In a crowded temple such as Siddhivinayak,I can focus my thoughts inwards and isolate myself, as long as I am not accompanied by friends or family. Unfortunately, my mom is firmly of the school that believes that people should not go to temples or set out to engage in any auspicious activity in a group with an odd number of members. So, no way was she going to let me go by myself. Worse, she was already complaining of a backache. And my mom doesn’t believe in suffering in silence, especially when it comes to my company. So, I was slightly put off, knowing I was not going to have my wish for a few seconds of peace communing with the deity. Read more of this post

Control Perfectionism

  • wealthymattersSuccessful people make decisions on how to make the best use of their time. They do not focus on perfection or being the best; instead they work on doing what is needed to get the job done.
  • Perfectionism and trying to know-it-all, gets in the way of being creative by learning new things.
  • Successful business people need to think on their feet to respond to problems as soon as they arise. This is difficult for perfectionists. Perfectionism doesn’t allow minds to be nimble and flexible.The most successful people don’t worry about perfectly solving  problem the first time,they keep trying new things till they discover what works.
  • Don’t try to be perfect to earn admiration. Instead do the best work you can and let others be inspired by the way you deal with your imperfections.

A Friend’s Gyan


Life teaches us many things, never ever lose hope.Their is always an option, all you need is to believe in yourself…

Branson’s Regret

wealthymattersSir Richard Branson,founder of Virgin Atlantic,has one regret he feels hard to live down:his assumption that he could knock Coca Cola to World’s No.2 soft drink by launching Virgin Cola:

“It taught me that if you have to take on someone bigger,you have got to be much better.”

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