Der Spiegel on Tulsi Tanti


Here are 2 articles on Green -Warrior Tulsi Tanti,one dating from 2008 and the second a few days back that appeared in Der Spiegel.Enjoy them.Tulsi Tanti might not be a media darling today but the man does have much to recommend him.These articles provide an insight into the mind of the entrepreneur who named his company Suzlon,’Suz’ from the Gujarati Suz-buz (intelligence)and ‘lon’, the Gujarati way of saying bank loan.

Tulsi Tanti’s Success Story

The Rise of Indian Wind Power

By Michaela Schiessl

Indian businessman Tulsi Tanti has built one of the world’s largest wind turbine companies in an incredibly short amount of time. Now that he has bought a German company, however, his popularity may be on the wane. Read more of this post

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