International Currencies

International Currencies

The Mark Mobius View

wealthymatters.comHere is a recent interview from Forbes India to counteract all the gloom and doom

Mark Mobius: Debt crisis will help emerging markets

Dr Mark Mobius, executive director, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, tells Pravin Palande and Shishir Prasad that he is optimistic about India and in many cases, a weak rupee may actually benefit some companies in the country.

Dr Mark Mobius

Profile: Executive director, Templeton Emerging Markets Group

Career high point: Consistently voted as one of the most influential investment managers in the world

Last vacation: Doesn’t take any.

Known for: Travelling a lot; comic book based on his life

The idea of a single currency (euro) for differing political units seems to be in trouble. What does it mean for global currency markets? Read more of this post

Today’s Lessons

wealthymatters.comIn 2008 gold was treated like any other high risk asset when the collapse of Lehman Brothers sparked heavy selling across financial markets in a widely-documented “dash for cash” — after which it bounced back hard to record highs. In Q1 2009, the gold price recovered long before other assets hit bottom.History would suggest that while gold has taken a beating, it is far from down and out.Monday’s tumble to around $1,535 an ounce dragged prices 20 percent below the record $1,920 reached last Thursday. But since its rise from just over $250 in early 2001, gold has bounced back from bigger drops, having fallen 25 percent between May and June 2006, and 27 percent in October 2008.General financial market Read more of this post

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