Of Heart Breakers And Home Wreckers

wealthymattersRelationships take so much of energy and there is nothing like a significant relationship going bad to seriously affect your net-worth.So why not take a quick look at a person’s zodiac sign before making a significant commitment?

AshleyMadison.com is the world’s most trusted extra-marital dating site.Out of AshleyMadison.com’s 17 million plus users, 15.6% of males are Pisces (a la Rob Lowe) and 16.1% of the female philanderers seeking a discreet affair on the site are Geminis (a la sexy vixen Angelina Jolie). Thus we can surmise that Pisces men and Gemini women are more likely to cheat than any other astrological sign. Pisces top the list because they’re the rulers of the imagination and fantasy. And they have a hard time letting their curiosities go unexplored.

Libras like Kelly Ripa and Scorpios such as Keith Urban appear to be the most faithful astrological signs according to AshleyMadison.com.Libra is the ruler of commitment and partnership.As for Scorpio, they fall in love passionately and rarely stay in relationships that lack intensity, so if they have a wandering eye they usually leave.

Further, AshleyMadison.com surveyed 284,600 of its members to find out more regarding the correlation between astrology and cheating,Following are the results:

· Female Geminis and male Tauruses are most likely to be cheated on

· Following Gemini, female Aries are the most likely to cheat

· Following Pisces, male Aquarius are the most likely to cheat

· Aries men and Virgo women are the most ‘loyal’ cheaters (they’re more likely to have longer term affairs with just one lover)

· Female Virgos are looking for kinky sex whereas the other signs just want more sex.

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