Cultivating Strategic Relationships


The following is from the playbook of the masters of this art of cultivating strategic relationships : Read more of this post


How Successful People Say ‘No’

wealthymattersMost successful people know that how you say “no“ can be the difference between maintaining someone’s respect and ruining a relationship.

Telling people ‘no’ does not need to be an act of rejection. In fact, learning to say “no“ the right way can actually prove that you’re an attentive person.

First, understand the request. Hardly anybody will ask you to do something without a solid reason, so it’s safe to assume that when someone requests a favour, it’s meaningful to them. Successful people take the time to understand why each request is important to the person asking, as it shows they care even if they don’t have time to help.Total immersion in the request for even a short period of time tells the other person that you value them and what they are trying to achieve. Read more of this post

Allow Providence To Help You

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Attracting The Right Company

Attracting The Right People

On Networking


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