Taking A Personal Loan To Buy A Home

wealthymattersNow the general idea is that a body takes a home loan to purchase a house and a personal loan to defray marriage related expenses ,to take that vacation in Europe etc…..

Home loans are always secured loans. So the rate of interest generally tends to be much lower than almost any category of loan. And then of course for being such a good child ,the government gives you tax breaks too ! But there are cases where a personal loan is your best way forward to become a home-owner. Consider the following cases:

1.A place like Vasai-Virar might be one of the fastest growing regions in the MMR when it comes to lower priced homes that could also potentially make great capital investments. But start making enquiries and you will start finding out that a whole lot of properties are “Collector Passing” and that apart from the odd co-operative bank or the occasional patpedhi, no home loans to purchase such properties is possible from most lenders. Moreover, the interest rates of loans from these sources makes personal loans from major banks look attractive. Read more of this post

Control Via Trusts

Average Age Of First-Time Home Owners

wealthymattersThe average age of Chinese people buying a house is 27 years old,the figure is 42 years old in Japan and Germany, 36 years old in Taiwan and over 30 years old in the United States. So now you know what your peers are doing…….

Home ownership might not be everything in the wealth game. It might not always be an asset. But it does bring a measure of stability in one’s life. And for many people, if they miss the chance to get a foothold in the property ladder in the early years of their working lives, they never manage to acquire one fully-paid off house by the time they are ready to retire.

Mortgages might not be the best way to acquire properties, but is everybody able to sell off businesses successfully and buy fancy houses? So think your situation over carefully and decide whether you’d rather wait or just go ahead and buy a place. Unless you are perfectly content with the family home and have no intention of ever buying a house.

10 Tips To Price Your Home Right

wealthymatters1 First things first–make a list of similar homes sold around you. Understand how yours is different from those.

2 Next, take stock of homes that are on sale in the area. Go talk to owners, maybe tour the houses to understand what’s on offer.

3 Talk to property agents. They could handle the first two steps for you but it’s best if you do those yourself to get a realistic number.

4 Let the agents conduct a price survey in your area and come up with their number.

5 Since you have done your homework well, don’t be misled by agents who offer the moon.There is something fishy if all deals in the area have been under 1 crore and an agent says he’ll get you 1.3 crore

6 Understand market conditions. The price that a buyer will be willing to pay is also dependent on market sentiment. Read more of this post

Most Preferred Floors to Buy Apartments

Most Preferred Floors To Buy Apartments

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